Feral Children's Almanac

by Kevin Sinclair

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released February 20, 2016

Kevin Sinclair: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Glockenspiel, Percussion.
Katie Grealish: Vocals, Bass.
Curtis Killian: Percussion

Produced and Engineered by Curtis Killian
All songs written by Kevin Sinclair except "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" & "Bones In My Pocket" co-written with Matthew Cullen
Recorded November 2013-December 2015

Album Cover designed by Matthew Sinclair, photo courtesy of Judy Sinclair.
Back photo by Rachel Schein.



all rights reserved


Kevin Sinclair Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sweet Séance
I built you a staircase
From the floor to ceiling
A ballroom, a courtyard
And a doorbell to ring

The sins of the past
Well they weren’t my misdeed
The garden is empty
Guess that I’ll plant some seed


O! Sweet séance
Please tell me why
It’s best to build
Then for to die

Things are moving
And I can’t explain
When in the sun room
They had made it rain

Now my hubby’s invention left you all in a heap
And if I build you a home
Mrs. Winchester will sleep
And if you leave me alone
Mrs. Winchester will sleep

His motives were wrong
And they make me feel cheap
And if I build you a home
Maybe then I can sleep


O! sweet séance
Ghosts I’ve employed
Only to fill
The great devoid

O! sweet séance

They’re here to stay
Only to see
One more bright shining day

And now I’ve built you a home
Can you stay happily?
Or you might take my life irrevocably

And how you sleep and you toil
Can't you find a release?
Just go back to the soil
I’m so eager to please
Track Name: A Good Man Is Hard To Find
She’s been wronged up and down so bad
Can’t even call up and ‘fess to her dad
And she pounds her fists against the wall
Is there hope for this one after all?

She misses him, She misses there
His balmy hands running through her hair
'Cause in his smile he really held the world
But then he had to smile at another girl

And though some say that she was blind
A good man is real hard to find
Now she’s sleeping with the cartoons on

And her piss-warm beer is almost gone
The sunlight breaks her musty room
She's remembering coitus in full bloom
So love is sharp and gashes flow

And ships they sail with chum in tow
And roses die in springtime too;
She’ll reap the roses, black and blue
Her fruits are just an empty rind
But a good man is so hard to find

She’ll burn the candle at both ends
And contemplate her trust in friends
Is this to be a means to an end?
Her new distraction is a godsend

From empty lawns where moonlight shined,
For blank damp tramps so unrefined,
For the greatest man that God designed
She’s got herself a vicious axe to grind

And now her love and hate are intertwined
A good man is so hard to find,
The fates have all been undermined,
And a good man is too hard to find
And every mirror serves to remind
A good man is real hard to find
Track Name: Bones In My Pocket
I keep some bones in my pocket for when I'm agitated
Although the taste of the meat really was overrated
And my mate he sucks his buttons to cope with his thirst
I'll keep these bones to myself 'cause my hunger is the worst

A month ago we saw it on the horizon
In the South Pacific, it ain't that surprising
Our captain said man harpoons 'cause he's the boss
We're gonna shoot us a whale instead of an albatross

The leviathan just sneered and he lowered his head
Then he smashed up our hull until the masts just bled
Now we're stretched out here for weeks by the sea, and the salt and the sun
A row, ho ho, this trip ain't no more fun

And I felt it in my bones, I knew it in my heart
This vessel was damned right from the start
I felt it in my bones, I knew it in my heart
This vessel was damned right from the start

Now a man's head gets empty and his stomach does to
With the sea and sky and everything Blue, blue, blue
When the pork ran out we ran out of time to waste
Just had to see how BIlly Brannigan would taste

Now I'm suckin' on my bones when the skipper saw the land
After three long months it feels so strange just to stand
There's no head-shrinkers here, just the statues and sand
And we white cannibals are gnawing bones from a hand

And I felt it in my bones, I knew it in my heart
This vessel was damned, right from the start
I felt it in my bones, I knew it in my heart
This vessel was damned right from the start
Track Name: Dear Sister
She gave alms and dropped tears
For to resurrect the stone
But such things are only futile
Or so time has shown

That we hold them and we love them
As long as they are here
And if only our hope
Shared the strengths of our fear


Dear sister, Dear sister
I can feel no more pain
And I patiently await
When we’ll meet once again

Dear sister, Dear sister
Silhouette in the sun
For to run and to laugh
As we had never done

Blinded by one light
David’s star be the mark
Please grant her the power
To see through the dark

That he’s safe now, Enlightened
After here’s so much more
You’ve no need to be frightened
I can show you the door


It had hurt once to watch you
Grow the years beyond me
But each step brought a new day
And I began to see

That you’d soon be a woman
With an expectant hand
For a kinship, a loved one
The trust in a man

So God bless you, my angel
May no one treat you mean
And I’ll watch you, protect you
From my silver screen

And if you should stumble and fall
I will carry you
To the end and to salvation
Where all’s revealed to be true

Chorus, END
Track Name: Tobin Nosedive
They’re standin’ in line for the Tobin-nosedive
Standin’ in line for the Tobin-nosedive
Of which there’s no easy way out

And when the planes come down
I’ll be a man about town
Hebrews, Christians, and Muslims devout

With your worst realized dreams
And your guttural screams
I will cackle with the bums

Payback’s a bitch
With your face in a ditch
In the dirtiest of Dorchester’s slums

The cops are getting nervous
And they won’t admit defeat

Let’s face fact my friend
They won’t even clean the blood off the street

So consult your Rabbi
And ball your French whores
They’ll tell you the same
When it rains it pours

Its too late to find Jesus
God knows he don’t need us
And in the meanwhile
I’ll stand here in style

As the queue makes its haste
For the Mystic to taste

So jump right in line
For the Tobin-Nosedive

I wouldn’t talk jive about that Tobin-Nosedive

And I hope you arrive for the Tobin- Nosedive
Track Name: Eye of the Storm
Have you seen him? No we’ve not seen any
He holds kin to no one yet is the son of many
I guess you’d say he has that certain kind of face
That's somehow so familiar yet you cannot place


He goes and assumes that all the problems will solve all themselves
And that the weather will be warm
He’s the eye of the storm

He’s young and he’s free, no need to worry ‘bout the smut on TV
It gets too scary and what’s worse
He’s the center of the universe

Even drenched to the bone in a long shoreman’s sweater
He can lend you his arms to make you feel better
‘Bout yourself and he’ll need nobody else
He will need nobody else, he will need nobody else, nobody else
But you

Did you happen to catch the breaking news at 6?
It seems the local police force is up to their same dirty tricks
They got ‘em billy-clubbed and armored, all in a line
Don’t think we’re long for this country. Have we anymore time?


The Clydesdales will stomp right down on Storrow
And the people will run and if it happens tomorrow
He won’t care; He’s got the time to spare
And when the riots erupt, smash all the windows

The city will be theirs until the blue shows
He won’t steal; He keeps an even keel
When the winds of change make your friends projectiles
He will drift place to place but may stop for a while
At your home; This citizen unknown

You know I think I’ve seen him just around these parts
A kindly gent made of daisy chains and construction paper hearts
If you should see him again won’t you please send my regards?
‘Cause he rescued this soul just like a St. Bernard


And he goes and assumes that all the problems will solve all themselves
And that the weather will be warm
‘Cause he’s the eye of the storm

He’s young and he’s free, no need to worry ‘bout the smut on TV
It gets too scary and what’s worse
He’s the center of your universe

Naked as he was born, providing no answers
Show this child no scorn and he’ll give you the answers
To yourself, and you’ll need nobody else
Track Name: Hibernaculum
I’d grown weary of the populace
I felt that I could escape
I couldn’t bare them anymore
I had to escape

So I took my sleep like Rip van Winkle
And hid up in the hills
To rest for 40 years
Only to reemerge again

Then crossing my cave’s threshold
I heard a resonating hum
A symphony of hissing
And a pounding battle drum

What could be this cacophony?
This elusive hissing hum
When April wakes likewise the snakes
From the Hibernaculum

Slither me away, to a place I’d never seen
Where I could recollect emotion from these places I’d never been
And like a trapeze artist suspended
I’m just lazy for the ground
Something’s hidden beneath the rocks
Are best left unfound

And I was slithered away to Eldorado
Where gold fruit trees yield golden plums
You can pluck one from even a sapling’s branch
Whenst Hibernaculum comes

The snakes, you know, they don’t bite you
They cool their heads with a good April breeze
And the depths of these huddling masses
Trump even the heights of the trees

And all these serpents come to remind me
That the circus is in town
And that trapeze boy, he ain’t an artist
Like me he’s just lazy for the ground

If I were to estimate, that is to say come upon a total sum
I would have state that there were millions here
For the Hibernaculum
Track Name: Incident on I-495
Do you get straight A’s
And take your vitamin C
Well I couldn’t bare the thought of you growing up to be like me
When you draw with your crayons

Do you stay in the lines?
Does the sunshine bother you when it gets in your eyes?


If we strip down, down
We could make ourselves pure
Hitchhike back to the lord and reach heaven for sure
Count 1 2 3 4, a-1 2 3 4 5
Go tell it on the mountain that we have arrived

Go tell them we have arrived
Mama, Papa they love you
But what about your old anty

I could spare you this life of cold and abject poverty
In life there is indifference
You know there’s love and there’s hate
You’re too young to know the difference
So we’ll cross the Interstate


You are my pirate and princess
And two and one they make three
We’ll eat cake and give gifts
And this gift is for me

We’ll write our names for the last time
Only this time will be in stone
And we’ll do it together
So that we won’t be alone

Chorus: END
Track Name: In Like A Lion
‘Twas an outstanding effort
Our first and final fling
Were we playing hide and seek
Or some red rover thing

And you stare at me like Pacino
In Godfather Part II
So just sip your cappucino
My brown-eyed baby blue
You came…

In like a lion, out like a lamb
In like a lion, out like a lamb
Be my sunrise gal, I’ll be your sunset man

She’s pretty enough,
But can she fit the bill
He sees her wedding band
Yet he can’t stand still

You seem to me upset
But this I swear
If you’ll kiss me just twice
I could be debonair

In like a lion, out like a lamb
In like a lion, out like a lamb

Only one hour ‘til sunrise
I will pray for you to stay
But this hour is a malcontent
Which is much to my dismay

So I’ll speak to you once more
That this I swear
I’m so dead without affection
It’s too tough for me to bare

So if you’ll clasp my hand
And lay rest my fears
I’ll smile and I’ll realize this
Goodbye trail of tears
Track Name: We Shall See The Sun Again
Father dear, when will we see the sun again?
I cannot make any promises or say just exactly when
We are but Christians in a hungry lion’s den
And each night we pray that we will see the sun again

My belly’s empty and I need a song to sleep
So bring me a dream that won’t make me weep

I just want to see the sun again
I don’t care just where or when
I just want to see the sun again

Last night I dreamt of oranges, peaches and plums
Yes we wait for release but somehow the day never comes
But when it does we’ll have ourselves a decadent feast
A feast for the angels and a banquet for the priests

But that day’s not here, we’ll count our few blessings
And save our strength to smile when our father sings

We may never see the sun again
But until that time, we’ll sing out to our hearts content

I tried to cry but I can’t conjure up the tears
I placate myself that death or freedom nears
This may be the last time I’ll get to kiss your face
It’s a portrait of a man I’ll never hope to replace

It was a selfless act for him to assume this role
To keep our spirits up with no hope of parole

We shall all see the sun again
If not on this plane, surely the next one then

He held my hand as we were sprawled across the floor
It was a gesture of kindness and I could not ask for more
So won’t you hold me dear, I am so afraid to die
But I will fear not fate with you just by my side

It was worth it if only to save just one
I accept the crimson crown of martyrdom

I shall see the sun again
With all my brethren
I shall see the sun again
Track Name: Ready or Not
There’s surveillance on every edge of this town
And I do believe we’ve caught you with your pants down
And you’re quite aware what you did was a sin
So here is a hole my friend, for you to crawl in



Ready or not here I come


Ready or not here I come

Now the Rock Island Line is a good line of escape
But we've got all your toes tagged with the ticker tape
Gone forensic and we know just what you’ve done
Machiavelli’s gonna chase you like the sun


Now you think you’re somewhere where you won’t be found
Beyond Columbia and the Long Island Sound
But one step behind we’re clean right on your heels
Whenst we get to you, you’ll know how fire feels


And now we’ve got you where we want you, there are many holes we have dug
There is no lifeline that is left for you to tug
Are there any last words, last words for you to say?
So we can fill in these holes and call it a Judgement Day