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A Hibernaculum is a place like a cave where an animal or group of animals seeks shelter for the winter. This song is a Rip Van Winkle type story where the character seeks shelter from society in the den of a garter snake Hibernaculum. When spring comes he is carried out by a river of emerging snakes.


I’d grown weary of the populace
I felt that I could escape
I couldn’t bare them anymore
I had to escape

So I took my sleep like Rip van Winkle
And hid up in the hills
To rest for 40 years
Only to reemerge again

Then crossing my cave’s threshold
I heard a resonating hum
A symphony of hissing
And a pounding battle drum

What could be this cacophony?
This elusive hissing hum
When April wakes likewise the snakes
From the Hibernaculum

Slither me away, to a place I’d never seen
Where I could recollect emotion from these places I’d never been
And like a trapeze artist suspended
I’m just lazy for the ground
Something’s hidden beneath the rocks
Are best left unfound

And I was slithered away to Eldorado
Where gold fruit trees yield golden plums
You can pluck one from even a sapling’s branch
Whenst Hibernaculum comes

The snakes, you know, they don’t bite you
They cool their heads with a good April breeze
And the depths of these huddling masses
Trump even the heights of the trees

And all these serpents come to remind me
That the circus is in town
And that trapeze boy, he ain’t an artist
Like me he’s just lazy for the ground

If I were to estimate, that is to say come upon a total sum
I would have state that there were millions here
For the Hibernaculum


from Feral Children's Almanac, released February 20, 2016
Written by Kevin Sinclair
Lead Vocal, Guitars, Conga: Kevin Sinclair
Backing Vocals, Bass: Katie Grealish



all rights reserved


Kevin Sinclair Boston, Massachusetts

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